Logo restyling, website and social management.
E-CommerceIdentityWeb Development

Eurogross, with more than 25,000 items in its catalog, is able to supply all those products necessary for hardware, furniture, gardening, DIY, agriculture, electricity whatever else is needed by businesses in the sector, such as brico and hardware stores.

For Eurogross we are dedicated to the logorestyling and design of the new e-commerce website. Through careful attention to detail and corporate identity, we have worked to create a fresh and modern image that fully reflects the values and essence of the company. The new logo and website are designed to provide an engaging and intuitive experience for visitors, highlighting the wide range of products and services offered.

As for the development part, we were able to successfully integrate their management system in order to keep all stages of the order synchronized, from enrollment to payment for the goods. In fact, the e-commerce site can easily manage all the discounts and dedicated price lists, for each type of customer or area agent.