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With Brand Identity we mean the communication system that encompasses and tells the conceptual and emotional universe of a brand.

Every aspect of brand communication has its own relevance. Through the name, logo, product packaging, website, social media, a company or a professional configures himself, his storytelling, his values. Corporate identity defines a psychological and experiential process that makes the brand and its products unique and recognizable.

For this reason, in Webplease we talk about brand identity design: we do not limit ourselves to developing eye-catching logos and graphics with a visual impact, but we artfully create the entire social identity, structuring a strategic process that allows each brand to affirm its own philosophy. . The image is the means, not the end.

What do we do

Integrated communication strategies for the growth of your business

Through its name, a brand speaks about itself, reveals itself, its values and its way of operating. The choice of the name plays a fundamental role in the image, communication and marketing of a company.

Logo design

The logo is the iconographic representation of a brand, it embodies its spirit and is imprinted in the eyes and mind of the public. We create logos capable of capturing attention, graphically impactful and meaningful.

Brand manual

Through the Brand Manual we structure a document that defines in a precise and detailed way all the rules to follow and the guidelines to be used to present a company to the outside world in a winning way.

Some brands made
We manage your digital and offline communication
Online graphics

Aesthetics, functionality and consistency are the values that guide our graphic works for the digital world, whether it’s a website template, an image for social media or any other product designed to communicate online.

Traditional graphics

We design catalogs, product sheets and brochures, taking care of the layout and pagination. The production of graphics goes through a meticulous process that includes the quality control of the print and the selection of materials.


The quality of a product is also revealed in its packaging. The packaging contributes to giving value to the user experience, passing through tactile and visual suggestions. We create bespoke containers and wraps for your brand.

Some of our creations

The design of the user interface and user experience are the key to the success of your digital project

Functionality beyond form. We develop product design solutions designed to optimize the user experience of your products and communication channels, placing the needs of your audience at the center of the process.


We leave nothing to chance: we carry out the prototyping of products and services before they are introduced on the market. In this way, we allow you to maximize the company’s research and development activities.


In line with the identity of your brand, we plan and design your projects, dressing with elegance and seduction solutions designed to make the user experience enjoyable on your projects.

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